Visual Arts Center

Identity Design • 2010
Where Ideas Intersect. Located in the Fine Arts Building on the University of Texas campus, the VAC is a collaboration and exhibition gathering space for emerging artists, faculty, and students to create, explore and evolve art. on the University of Texas campus. I led a 4-person team at Springbox in a branding exercise that produced 3 concepts.

1. Conceptual Spaces: This concept was the final selected by the client. It uses 2 intersecting planes to represent the convergence of multiple gallery spaces and communities at the VAC, and blends process magenta and cyan as the standard visual. Alternate applications allowed for the masking in of imagery relevant to current exhibitions.

2. Letter Spaces: This concept explored geometric shape overlays as a literal representation of the abbreviation, VAC. Primary colors suggest the fundmanetals of art process, and the overlaid areas hint at collaboration. The mark allowed for exhibition art to be incorporated into the letterforms.

3. Real Spaces: The third concept created a systematic logo using the 4 gallery spaces as shapes, with which dozens of layouts could be achieved — suggesting the fluidity of work and collaboration inherent to the community.

Client: Visual Arts Center
Agency: Springbox
Role: Art Direction, Design
Type: Identity Design
Date:March 2010


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