Spruce Upholstery

Print, Signage, Packaging • 2011
Spruce is a small upholstery studio based in Austin, Texas. I designed business cards, dvd packaging, print collateral and their new storefront.

The business card system offered 3 designs for the management team, and a flexible chartreuse design on which new employees could stamp their name on the bottom of the front.

Using a blue color palette, I designed their storefront system to contain their painted logo, marketing taglines, lighting sconces and aluminum planters.

I created packaging for the first Spruce At Home DVD — a new How-To video series.

I designed a few postcard mailers that celebrate the studio's creativity and anniversaries.

Client: Spruce
Role: Art Direction, Design
Type: Print Design, Signage, Packaging Design
Date: Sept. 2011


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