Pay It Forward Bundle

Web Design • Dec 2014
The Creative Market team worked hard to build and ship a pay-what-you-want charity bundle campaign before the 2014 holiday season. We partnered with 16 top brands to offer amazing products and services alongside our own design bundle for the creative community. All proceeds went to support Watsi.

The bundle ran from December 1st through 31st, raising $151,149 with over 18,731 bundles sold. Over 261 patients were helped by Watsi from this initiative. The neon lettering was created using this design asset by Dashwood on Creative Market.

pay it forward bundle 1

pay it forward bundle 2

I designed a multi-state landing page that summarized the bundle offering at the top of the page. Customers could donate enough to make it on the leaderboard, stay up to date on the total raised for charity, and share the bundle on Twitter or Facebook to unlock 4 extra offers.

pay it forward bundle 3

Purchasing the bundle would unlock all of the partner offers further down the page for each customer and send them an email receipt too.

pay it forward bundle 4

pay it forward bundle 4

Client: Creative Market
Role: Creative Direction, Design
Type: Web Design
Date: Dec. 2014
Link: Pay It Forward Site


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