Creative Market's 2014 Year In Review

Web Design, UX/UI • Jan 2015
The 2014 Year In Review project was a single page experience that offered statistics and stories from the second year of Creative Market. Shop owners earned millions of dollars, and customers watched as thousands of beautiful resources became available over 12 months in the form of individual assets and as part of monthly bundles.

I crafted an 8-bit, pixel-style icon set that was used to create the fun spirit of the page.

The page offered stats and stories for users to enjoy as they scrolled down through five major sections, which were the following: Intro, Commerce, Platform, Community, and Company.

Read more about the release of this project on the Creative Market blog.

Client: Creative Market
Role: Creative Direction, Design
Type: Web Design, UX/UI Design
Link: 2014 Year In Review
Date: Jan 2015


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