Creative Market's 2013 Year In Review

Web Design, UX/UI • Jan 2014
Launched in January 2014, the 2013 Year In Review project was a single page experience that offered statistics and stories from the first year of Creative Market. 2013 was a great start for our community — shop owners earned over $1,000,000 and customers enjoyed an endless stream of easy-to-use, affordable assets for their design projects.

The linear page started with a message from our CEO Bubs. Next, it offered four sections of compelling content to scroll through, which were the following: commerce, platform, community, and company. The page ended with a 10% discount reward at the very bottom — as a thank you to our community and the industry for their support.

I created a stroke-based icon set that was sprinkled across the page sections, too.

Read more about the release of this project on the Creative Market blog.

Client: Creative Market
Role: Creative Direction, Design
Type: Web Design, UX/UI Design
Link: 2013 Year In Review
Date: Jan 2014


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