BbWorld Sketchnotes

Drawing • 2012
BbWorld is the annual conference of Blackboard, a company at the intersection of education and technology. I was invited to produce sketchnotes of panels during the 2012 conference in New Orleans.

Blackboard Keynote - Michael Chasen

Digital vs. Analog - Marco Torres

Personalized Learning - Julie Evans & Julie Young

Building Bridges to Better Online Education - 4 Panelists

How to Build a Virtual School - 6 Panelists

Social Learning - Francesca Goneconti & Greg Ritter

Rethinking Education - Sal Khan

Mobile - Eric Stoller

Keynote - Dr. Freeman Hrabowski

Disruptions - Kayvon Beykpour

Post-Conference Roundup: 6 Themes

Client: Blackboard
Role: Art Direction, Illustration
Type: Drawing
Date: July 2012


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