White Walls PS Brush Kit

Design Resource • May 2014
White Walls is a Photoshop-based brush and graphic texture kit created from photographs of the sides of white plaster buildings that I discovered in Marfa, Texas. Available for sale in my Creative Market shop.

These textures are very easy to layer on top of photos, artwork, typography and more. With the brushes, you can change colors to create rich layers of textured hues or classic whites — making it simple to create a stunning weathered look.

The pack comes with high and low contrast versions of all 25 textures, resulting in the following assets that are included in this product: 2 versions of .ABR Photoshop brush packs (containing 25 brushes each made in Adobe CC), 2 packs of regular black and white JPEGs (50 total), and 2 packs of inverted black and white JPEGs (50 total).

The JPEGs all come as 300 DPI and approximately 1900 px by 1300 px in size.

With the reverse black jpegs, you can drop them into your Photoshop project, and set the layer effect to Screen to produce a white-only speckling effect. It's very easy!

Client: Lamson Shop
Role: Art Direction, Design
Type: Design Resource
Link: My Creative Market Shop
Date: May 2014


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