My name is Gerren Lamson. I serve as Chief Design Officer at Creative Market where I lead the design team that builds our brand and products. I’m an interdisciplinary designer and illustrator based out of Austin, Texas. I’m available for speaking engagements, consulting, freelance work, interviews, and teaching opportunities. For inquiries, you can email me at hi[at]gerrenlamson[dot]com.


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I write about design based on my experiences and research on Medium and my blog. I cover topics such as culture, process, strategy, collaboration, research, tools, management, and more.

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Creating a Culture of Effective Design Feedback

Shaping Our Design Principles

How To Write Your Own UX Plan

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Designing Better File Organization (Part I)

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I’ve designed work for businesses, their goals, and the needs of their customers. I’ve created pro-bono work, crafted digital design resources for other creators to use, made printed goods for sale, and performed experiments and side projects as a platform for self-initiated learning.

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